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Wednesday, September 14 2011
Hi guys, I'm back from Vegas and already need another vacation.  I receive calls all the time for barter services but no one really understands what it is I'm looking for.  I just want to give a few examples. I am looking to get about 300 sq ft of hardwood installed and I believe that a good trade is 2 one hour appointments for labour, supplies are extra.  I also want to replace the fixtures in my shower and for that  it would be an hour, I supply the fixtures.  These are only guidelines and I understand that each situation is different.  I as always will always listen to your ideas too. If you find yourself in possession of a new appliance, a washing machine or a meile vacuum or.... you get the point call me and we can see if we can make a deal!.
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Wednesday, August 03 2011
I have had a large number of enquiries recently asking about my rules for extended and overnight sessions. Here is a general guide to how I prefer things to unfold. If you want to spend a few hours with me instead of an hour or two, I very much enjoy this and gladly will work with you to find the time and a fee that will work for the both of us . Dinner appointments are also lots of fun and something I am asked about and do, frequently. Whether I am your "girlfriend" for the night or a sexy companion you just picked up :) I am game for most experiences.
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Sunday, July 17 2011

Hi guys, sorry for the long long overdue post I'm terrible but I do have a good reason, my computer was acting up on me for a few months then it just died, so I guess I'm in the market for a new one (I'm borrowing a friends) yes I will add that to my barter list J   So how have you all been?  It has been a busy beginning of summer for me and it's already July.  I am trying to decide whether to visit New York or Chicago? I'm really torn I love New York but it's been a long time since I visited Chicago.  Decisions Decisions.   I'm still in shock over how many of you have watched my site and let me know you enjoy my blog entries or that you love my pics (new ones are on the way) I promise to keep up with this and keep you all up to speed on what's going on with me.

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Saturday, April 09 2011
I get asked all the time what type of man I am interested in dating and if I have a favorite "type" that visits me. I have given this a lot of thought and I must say that in my world you do not have to be a gq model or Gods gift to women. I actually am quite turned off of the macho Tarzan breed and find it so very fake.  I pride myself on being an authentic and real person. Its hard to stay true to yourself all the time and hold the same moral code in every situation....but I try.  Sometimes I will have appointments with men that are very unsecure and we get into deep conversations only to discover wonderful personality traits and a great guy underneath the timid shell. I am so absolutely talented at drawing this out of people. Even women.  I like depth, but of course its all in the timing and opportunity. Sometimes philosophical discussions of our existential selves can be a bit much. Be a nice guy, be kind, be pleasant and be clean. I love a good smelling man as u may know. That is a treat. Dress well, smell great and carry yourself tall. You will then be gorgeous.
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Saturday, March 26 2011
This weather is pretty typical of March (as I remember) I just feel cold ALL the time. Never the less. I am anxious to take  a break from sweaters, boots, heaters and gloves. My Jeep has no doubt seen it's last winter . This means there may be a new 2011 Explorer in my life, or a sexy Blue F150?  Getting a new vehicle is thrilling for me! It has been a winter with heavy financial obligations and maybe could have been better business wise.... but it happens like this. I wonder if living in Toronto would have been a smarter/better/easier choice? 
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Friday, March 18 2011

Greetings fellow k-mart shoppers.

I am awake way too early! I couldn't  imagine what I would rather be doing than chatting with you.

I have been watching the tragic situation that Japan is in right now. How sad. It makes me realize that being a Canadian and being in a better geographic area we are so lucky. SOO very fortunate you and I are.  It almost does feel like the level and severity of natural disasters have been increasing over recent years. Could it mean something more??  eerie.

I also want to answer a question. YES, I am lactating still. It's not tons but it is obvious yes. I had no idea what a huge turn on this is for men :):)

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Sunday, March 06 2011

Wow what was that last night?  I haven't been in a blackout since 2003 when we had "The Blackout".  A little part of me likes slowing down and not having technology interfering, but I still get spooked in the dark and I don't like that :(   The unfortunate part was that I couldn't update my site or answer your emails or calls, but today was a new day the sun was shining and the roads were clear.  Since I have updated my site and added my new pics you guys have really taken notice and are calling non stop.  I love it !!!!!!!   It's possitive feedback for a job well done even though I should have done this ages ago.

Have a good week



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Friday, March 04 2011

Hello and thank you for taking a moment to get to know me better.  I just want to start out by saying that my sexual exploits will not be the main focus of this Blog, sorry to disappoint but that is not to say that I won't throw a few in from time to time ;)       

After a year long hiatus , I have decided to commit myself to being more open, more available and allowing you to get to me on a more personal level.  I am 30 years old and a Leo. I live in Brampton,Ontario. I moved here from Toronto 6 years ago. Coming from Toronto the slower pace here was an adjustment at first. You already know what I look I won't be redundant.  I am very proud to be a tall curvy woman. I have been plus sized my entire life. I have never had any problems with my curves and corners. Men find me attractive wherever I go and I love this. Being the center of attention is something I always enjoy and feel comfortable being.  I am very open minded to new experiences. This has afforded me many adventures and opened up some pretty amazing doors. I have actually been considering starting a pay-site lately. I am not sure if it is something that would work for me or if I am the right fit?????????? ideas????????????


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