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Saturday, February 01 2014
New Year ..Where do I go now????

I am writing to say I have been nervous to do a Toronto visit date. I mean I live in Brampton, maybe it seems silly.. I don't know.. What do you guys think? I am sure lots of people think Brampton is far and beyond the borders of It isn't,, but the non drivers and the people who just don't travel well. haha OK,, That all said, I am going to do a Toronto visit. In the next couple of weeks sometime. So stay tuned  for dates. Also Ottawa. That makes me super nervous. Its kinda scary doing something new. I have never ever been to Ottawa before... I want to go. Hopefully the snow will ease up a bit.  What do you think Ottawa? London Ontario? Cambridge? Let me know.. I am open to ideas..

Posted by: Moi! your bbw goddess AT 10:49 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
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