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Friday, December 07 2012
Greetings... or should I say Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas!!
I just love this time of year! It took me until hitting 30 years old to really and truly appreciate this time of year.
I have a relatively small family, so it is an intimate time for all of us. Funny what maturity makes you truly grateful for!
I have been asked what gifts I want this year. You know,,, I really love this perfume called Alien. I also want an ipod for
myself now. A 16 or 32 gig touch. So I can play scrabble.. I am quite good at scrabble.. Any takers??? I would like a challenger
that knows me instead of just strangers.... I am around and available for in, out, dinner or overnight pretty much until New Years. Just shoot me an email or a call and we can chat and arrange...
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Friday, December 07 2012
I just returned from a cruise. I went to St.Lucia, Barbados, St.Maarten, St.Croix and Antigua. It was my first cruise and it was a blast!!
I went in with an open mind... but I truthfully thought cruises were for an older crowd. It was pretty mixed. Let me say this, made me want to learn some Spanish. I have been thinking about a vacation in Costa Rica. Have any of you been there before? I would love to hear more about any South or Central America vacations you have taken?!
Just to let you all in on my personal life. I had a business for 8 years. It was great while it lasted. Retail... yuck a bit. Now after 8 long years of ups and downs I no longer have a business. My former best friend and business partner and I have gone our separate ways. Now I need a new career. So. I am hoping for some opinions and ideas guys! I really do not have an first thought as to what direction to take myself in. I need a short amount of school if any and a starting salary at 70k.. lol.. Is this what everyone wants? lolol Send me your witty ideas ok.. I need some humour and some insight..
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